parking lot donuts

Although I've lived in a few places with the perfect conditions and locations to do them, I've never actually done a donut in a car...BUT they are a good metaphor for how I'm feeling right now: a little out of control, loss of forward momentum, and not sure which direction to turn.  I keep getting lots of ideas, but fear and lack of motivation are holding me back....which is just going to keep me spinning in place. I'm really not feeling discouraged or down (although a few bloggy things have bummed me out recently)...I'm excited and scared and don't want to feel too structured right now. So bear with me while I steer through and take off! Some regular blog features might become irregular, and vicey-versey. As always, your feedback is most welcome...leave a comment or shoot me an email [sara(at)sagebrushcoast(dot)com].

Here's a grainy black and white peek at some projects I've got on the brain...


Not too long ago some of the ladies whose crafty exploits I follow were doing things with sticks and yarn.  I thought it was a little funny, but I was so intrigued.  On a morning walk awhile ago I found a cute branch...


I love this shirt, but I never wear's a great color (bright red w/ tiny white polka dots), it was maybe $5, it has a cute collar, BUT the bottom does a weird skirty stick-out thing. I could see this as being useful if you were more well hipped than I. It's the first thing that came to mind to fix when we got our new sewing machine...but I've been too intimidated to use the machine. Eep.


I'm not sure what's going on here...something scarfy or cowl-like...really I'mjust experimenting with some scrap yarn and trying to look busy while I'm watching Project Runway Season 7.

Have a great Wednesday everybody...♥