Earlier this summer I came to THIS post called 10 Myths About Introverts via  While I pretty much already knew I was an introvert, something about the content and timing of this really made it stick with me.  The list derived from the book The Introvert Advantage.

I often worry about being perceived as rude and anti-social.  I don't necessarily think of myself as shy, but at the same time I can really have a hard time interacting with people. Reading the list of myths became an 'I am not alone' moment, or rather 'I am not crazy'.  I sent a link to Scott and he declared it if I had been interviewed.  Scott is much more of an extrovert, and sometimes it's challenging to balance ourselves out...we consciously compromise and try to understand each others' needs.  He grabbed this book at the library for me.  I knew I would want to blog about it, so after reading it once through I started over to take notes...but found I was writing nearly everything down. I finally just bought my own copy. 

As with most things in life, there is a gradient to the amount of introvert/extrovert in each's not all or nothing. I do have extroverted tendencies, but, as the results of the self assessment in the book said, I'm 'pretty darn introverted'. According to the same quiz, Scott is actually about 60/40 extrovert/introvert. 

I will be posting more about what I find in this book from time to time because I find it fascinating and am learning more about myself and others...about introverts AND extroverts.