museum love [computer history museum]

MUSEUM:Computer History Museum
WHERE:Mountain View, California
EXHIBITS:The main exhibit hall is called Revolution: The First 2000 Years of Computing.  The artifacts and information are more or less laid out chronologically, starting with the abacus and slide rule.
ALSO SAW:Steve Wozniak's Apple I and a WWII Enigma Machine. We also played Pong.
CAFE:yes (but we got a sandwich nearby before we went in)
SHOP:t-shirts, books, gadgety things, baskets made of telephone wire
NOTES:Holy shmoly...a lot of information to process, but so fascinating...I admit I felt a little really mentally overwhelmed, but maybe it was a mistake to try to cram it all into one afternoon. I really, really liked all the things I saw and tried to learn. There's a lot of cool stuff from a design standpoint, too. See more HERE.