katherine and simon

I know a lovely painter named Katherine Lewis.  I've known Katie for a few years now and am always delighted by her sweetness, her positivity, her adventurousness, and especially her artistry.  Whether she's painting, pursuing beekeeping, or studying abroad in France, she puts her whole heart into what's in front of her. I'm pleased to share the news that she has written and illustrated her very own children's book, Simon and The Orange Scarf


This book would make a lovely holiday gift for anyone, yes? You can see more of Katherine's artwork on her website. Bravo, Katie! I can't wait to read your book and get lost in the artwork. 

[FYI, I link to Green Apple Books in San Francisco and/or Powell's in Portland because they are my favorite bookstores...local, independent, and awesome. They have no idea who I am, nor do they give me anything for linking to them. Where you buy your books is your business.  I also advocate the public library [and the library didn't  waive any fines or give me anything to say that]