book report [february+march]

Here's a quick roundup & review of the last few books I've read...


The last book in this nautical series...there are 3 chapters of an unfinished twenty-first book, but this ended nicely enough, so I'm going to leave it at that.  I can't believe I read all of them!


Woah.  A story about a horrific situation (woman+child held hostage) that draws you in and even makes you smile sometimes.  It's actually a fascinating adventure tale...both heartbreaking and amazing.


Everything in the universe is made up from a 100 or so elements...this book is full of stories about how interesting those elements can be, how scientists figured out what and where they all are.  If it's been awhile since you've taken basic chemistry, you might need a quick brush-up on electron shells and chemical bonds to follow the science. 


I really enjoyed this slightly creepy, creative, quick page-turner...has anyone else read this? How is the movie version?


A journalist embeds herself in 7 different situations in the "art world" (an auction, an art school critique, a dealer/collector fair, a magazine, an artist's studio, a prize, and an expo). In these particular situations it's all about who's-who, who has money, and people acting according to a contrived "art world" etiquette/stereotype.  Bleh.  I know it's not all that way, thank goodness. Weird what media and money do, isn't it? 

Anyone have any good book recommendations? As you've seen, I'll read almost anything...

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