book report [The Sisters Brothers]


With one month to go, I have serious baby brain...I'm often distracted to no end and can't remember what I did 5 minutes ago...and when my brain is functioning semi-normally, there's so much to do ('s real, people!), there's family to spend time with, or there's a creature squirming around inside me (woah, did anyone see Prometheus?)! So I haven't been reading much lately...I think. I have not kept my reading journal up to date and of course didn't write down a list of all of the books I did read...not sure what to do about that. I'm fairly certain I read at least 2 or 3 books in the last 3 months, but what were they? I'll have to do some research and pondering. I DO know that I read The Sisters Brothers, because it's due back at the library this week.

The Sisters Brothers was a much lighter read than I thought it would be. I was expecting a more dramatic, more richly detailed story. I did enjoy it though, and found myself picking it up often, wanting to finish. It's probably best that I didn't have to think too much to get through it. It's a quirky Western about two brothers who work as killers-for-hire. Their latest assignment brings them to California gold country. Along the way you learn more about the brothers and how they came to be in their particular situation. Read this book if you liked the recent movie version of True Grit, you appreciate when a hero fails (think of the predicaments Indiana Jones gets into), you don't mind sympathizing with 'the bad guys,' and you need a beach/pool book.

What are YOU reading? Maybe I'll just stick to catching up on reading blogs for awhile...

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