Cycling cyclist?


In September I got a fancy new bike. Well, it's fancy to me, anyway. It's a silvery grey Jamis 2014 Coda Comp bicycle. I test rode several bikes and this is the one that felt best, so I went for it. It feels fast and agile and completely comfortable. I use it to ride a couple miles to work one day a week and I try to go on a longer "fitness" ride one other day. Note the gentle quotation marks. At the moment I want to gain more riding experience and confidence. I do have my secret mind's eye on doing a triathlon one day/someday. 

Do you ride? Any advice? I feel like I have so much to lingo, new muscle uses, new routes around town... 

A few thoughts on cycling so far:

  • My neck gets crunchy, so I need to remember to use my eyes more than my neck to look forward
  • Still learning bike posture and needing to strengthen my core
  • At what point do you purchase padded pants? 
  • When do I switch from being a bike rider to being a cyclist? 
  • Still perfecting my hand signal technique
  • I've seen cops pull over cyclists for running stop signs. 
  • Now that my bike is kind of broken-in I need to take it to the shop for some adjustments. 
  • I need a bell and some lights...Daylight Savings is over!
  • I want one of those shirts with the pocket in the back. 
  • If you're riding in the street, how the hell are you supposed to get over to turn left?
  • Bike riding (cycling?) is fun!