Sugru it!


Have you guys heard of Sugru? I first saw it at Maker Faire several years ago and FINALLY bought some to play with because I had a sad iPhone charger in need of repair. The wires were fraying and detaching from each end of the cord. All my effort to cover the mess with white electrical tape did was make it a sticky, dirty mess 

Sugru is basically a moldable silicon-based glue. It comes in lovely colors that you can mix if desired. You knead the Sugru and shape it for whatever task (fix/attach/create) and then let it cure for 24 hours. When it dries it's smooth, soft, and flexible. It's kind of magic. I don't have to be delicate with my charger anymore. I'm able to plug it in right side up even in the dark, and I made a little handle for unplugging it.


I have more packs and am contemplating my next move. It feels like one of those things I will soon wonder how I lived without. If you poke around the Sugru website you can see truly amazing projects other people have completed, from simple repairs like mine to ingenious modifications of gadgets, to improving & customizing outdoor gear, to making art. Scott is going to use some to modify his hiking shoes to help his gaiters stay attached. 

Sugru did not sponsor this post or send me any freebies...but they DO have great, fast, friendly customer service. I'm honestly impressed with the product and the company.

Do YOU have any DIY projects that need extra groovy ingredients?