off the wall


I'm working on a little California themed wall art switch...sort of a cleaner version of the hodge-podge mix-match of funky frames & art you see in the decorating world these days.  Maybe this neat and tidy look is out of date (?), but for now I like it...I'm having the husband print up a glorious California poppy print and a shot of the Golden Gate Bridge to fill the other two larger frames, then it will all go up on our terra cotta colored wall behind our bed.



Geekiness and reusing (e.g. thrift store shopping, upcycling, etc.) are two things that seem to be popular with the kids these days.  I feel super popular right now because some old scientific glassware made its way into my hands, so I refreshed my thrifted candlestick collection (okay, one of those is from IKEA, but since it only cost 49 cents I let it come home with me).


Three candlesticks from Goodwill, a candleholder from IKEA, a flask, an ink bottle (?), and a sort-of graduated cylinder.  I had to add some polished gravel to the flask and ink bottle because they nearly wobbled over the edge, and that would have been sad.


I got a couple of other pretty bottles whose openings were too small for candles, but will work just fine for desk decor.  The larger one is my favorite because it has an iridescent sheen that old glass sometimes gets. I'm a sucker for iridescence. 


Hope you like my glassware.  You should definitely keep your eye out at thrift or reuse stores for old scientific stuff (beakers, flasks, etc.), but you can also find great items at places like American Science & Surplus, or look for science inspired stuff, like at West Elm

[p.s. if you're going to put food in sciencey containers, buy it NEW]