Inside 'Three Gems, 2005' by James Turrell @ the DeYoung Museum

Inside 'Three Gems, 2005' by James Turrell @ the DeYoung Museum

Two Dots -- I am completely addicted to this puzzle game on my iPhone. I honestly don't know whether to tell you to clear your schedule and start playing, or run screaming for the hills. The game is free, but there are in-app purchases that can help you through frustrating levels...thus, I have spent more money on this game than I care to admit to anyone. The sound and graphics are great, too.

Humans of New York -- A collection of real stories from real people seen on the streets of New York. If you've never looked at HONY, as it's known, you'll end up binging on it for a couple of hours. The stories can be funny, heartbreaking, and unbelievable. I very highly recommend scrolling through the archives to August/September when the photographer went on a trip with the United Nations.

Making Wax Food (via Colossal) -- I appreciate restaurant's fake window food a lot more now. What a strange and specialized craft. Fast forward the video to 3:31 for the magic cabbage. 



Trick or Treat


This girl is always a treat...and today she's a sweet little homeybee. Although this year I had to make a trip to Old Navy & the fabric store for supplies, we continued our tradition of a homemade costume. We're heading out in a few hours for her first trick-or-treat trip to houses (last hear we did shops on a local street). We live fairly close to a "fancy" neighborhood, so we may wander that direction to see if there are fancy treats...they have to be split three ways, after all.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!


This post originally appeared on Photogwife in October 2011

Last week I ordered some 'designy temporary tattos' from Tattly.  The first one put to use? RGB 


Go check it out...there are quite a few photo related choices. You usually get two of every tattoo you purchase, so you can share (yep, Scott put on RGB too...we're temporary nerds!).  

(This post was definitely not sponsored by Tattly, FYI)

meet beatrice

I want to introduce you to Beatrice, my pretty yellow bicycle, mon petit velo jaune...

Back in June I thought about my bike (who was going by the name Trixie back then...you'll see why in a moment) and decided it was time for a change...a new phase of our relationship and a new phase of her life.  We met 3 years ago at a garage sale when I was looking for a blank canvas to prepare for the Playa. We'd had some good times...


But she was getting a little out of shape.  I didn't spend nearly enough time with her...any time at all really.  I thought about breaking up with her, but decided to help her adjust to San Francisco life...get out there and roll around together.

So...I started with this Black Rock City beauty, Trixie (reflecty tape, EL wire lights, fuzzy orange handlebars, sun-brella holster, pink bucket, dust dust dust)...


...transitioned through this...


And we've now arrived at this...


Isn't she pretty? Doesn't she look all grown up? Beatrice's paint job is called Easter Yellow...which is basically the color of a marshmallow Peep, or a legal pad. At first glance you might think I took away all her personality, but oh no.  She's still got some sass. I'm going to find her some sweet reflectors and repaint her bell. Maybe I can find a way to put her pink EL wire lights on again?

I'm so proud of finishing my goal...I understand bike mechanics so much better now after taking her apart, cleaning her, repainting her, and putting her back together (only a couple of washers and one bolt leftover, ha ha). She still needs a little fine tuning, a little paint touch-up, and a new saddle (she's actually kind of small for tall me)...but we went for a ride on Friday night and had a great time. Now that I can rider her, I kind of like that there will always be some little thing I can work on to make her better (a hobbyist is born?). I definitely got discouraged and frustrated and overwhelmed...but I just took my time (5 months!) and worked on her when I really really wanted to. And I asked for help...Thanks to my friend Aaron, the dudes at Roaring Mouse Cycles, and Scott, The Husband.


While no one was watching, this happened:



Temporary tattoos are so fun...I had one a few months ago which I got from some French bubblegum my friend bought me at Miette. I got several comments on it (compliments? not sure...people were amused about the bubblegum I think).  I have one real tattoo which I love...but these will be fun to play with...I'll be watching my mailbox next week!


Stop what you're doing and get ready for a fabulous trip to parallel universes. Photographer Irina Werning's Back To the Future project takes old photos and recreates them with the same people...from wardrobe, to poses, to lighting.  It's a fun gallery to look through...check it out HERE.

It's hard to choose a favorite, but this one was the most hilarious:


Flashback bonus:

Today sfgirlbybay paired vintage+modern fashions in a great post HERE.