monster chunks

I am one of those people who is 'project oriented'...I'm sure I've put that on more than one job application.  That's such vague terminology though...for example, projects at my day job can go on and on for years and years and even though you work on something all day and actually accomplish quite a lot you wonder why you're doing it at all because the project will NEVER BE DONE. Seriously. I know that's very vague...I don't claim to be a good storyteller.  The point is, at home lately I've been trying to pick quick crafty projects to get some finished product satisfaction.  For example, I downloaded a free pattern from knitting genius Rebecca Danger...Monster Chunks!


My first chunk took awhile because I had to teach myself to knit in the round. And then I gave her some terrible button eyes that made me shove her into a drawer because she wasn't right. And then the feet were tricky. And so on and so forth.  But the last week I dropped 79 cents on two pairs of googly eyes and away I went...

Madame Monster


Mister Monster


This was a great project if you want something quick and have little bits of yarn leftover from other projects. Also, we live next door to the cutest 3 year old twin brother and sister  in the whole world, which gave me a good excuse to whip up a handmade  little prezzie for them. I delivered the wrapped up little monsters to the cuties next door and got big hugs, so I hope they like them when they unwrap them!