messy monday [smash]

Monday has come around again...time to make a MESS! Today's mess:


smash! I smashed oil pastels, a crayon, a willow charcoal stick, a watercolor cake, the end of a colored pencil, the end of a sharpie. The paint was my favorite because it didn't just turn into powder and fall off the page, so I smashed drops of paint a few times.  Fun ideas: get a regular sized hammer, smash harder, go outside and not worry about the crayon bits flying around in the office. 

Messy Monday Bonuses:

Elsie & Emma's Messy Bun

[finally messy buns are in style...I've been doing my hair this way since high school...well, minus the yarn.  I'll try it sometime soon :) ]

Classic 80's smashing


Have a good monday...make a mess!