book report [a list to finish up 2011]

I'll never catch up writing a post for each book I read since the beginning of November...and I've only just finished writing about them in my reading journal (crap entries because I let finished books stack up) I'm going to post links here and call it good.  


All I'll say is that if you haven't readThe Hunger Games Trilogy, do it! American Gods was creative, interesting, and good. The Living was not good. There's one more book I finished but I think it deserves it's own some point.  That's it for 2011... I read 23 books.

[FYI, I link to Green Apple Books in San Francisco and/or Powell's in Portland because they are my favorite bookstores...local, independent, and awesome.  They have no idea who I am, nor do they give me anything for linking to them. Where you buy your books is your business.  I also advocate the public library [and the library  didn't waive any fines or give me anything to say that]