and furthermore...

Last night I welcomed myself back to my blog and just wanted to elaborate on "other tidbits soon to be revealed"

temp knuckle tats from  Tattly

temp knuckle tats from Tattly

temp knuckle tats fromTattly

I'm building a new little person inside of me! I'm nearly three months pregnant :) 

Don't be scared...this is not going to turn into an all "Mommy Blog" all the time...I'd like to stay well rounded...and I'd like to try to be sensitive to people around me who are not/cannot/choose not to have kids. We're all friends here. But it's also true that this is a pretty big deal and I'm pretty excited, so of course it's going to come up from time to time. And it's my blog.

Eleven and a half weeks in...I've been very fortunate to have had it pretty easy.  Digestion is harder, crying is easier. Sleeping is up and down (get used to it). I've had a few scattered days where I felt sort of dazed and worried and scared by it all. I've had a few scattered days where I've decided I'm going to be a kick-ass mom (i.e. awesome, not literally kicking my kid's ass...geez.). In between I've been waiting for the everyday changes and effects...such as yesterday when my pants became uncomfortable. So I think pregnancy is really a game of constant re-adjustment and self pep talks. I'm grateful for our wondrous and understanding family and for how lucky I am in life and love.