large land mammal

american bison, antelope island UT

american bison, antelope island UT just got in the way of blogging like a big ol' bison. This and that, work, Flora, holidays and family time, and other tidbits soon to be revealed, have occupied my brain and my time. Sagebrush Coast's one year bloggyversary came and went (cake, fireworks, etc. yay!) I'd been stressing out about my lack of posts and I realized:

A) I've been really busy and preoccupied.  Maybe not in comparison with some people, but it's all relative, right?

B) I had strayed from my blogging philosophy: that my blog is for me.  Obviously it's waaaay more fun when people read and comment and enjoy, but when it comes down to it, I do my best writing and posting and documenting when I do it for myself, not for a target audience. And thinking about a target audience is what sometimes stops me from blabbering away here.

C) People are not beating down my internet door breathlessly awaiting my words. There might not even be people out there...I know of 4...sometimes 5. Hullo?

D) Sort of related to B, I am a person and I have opinions and feelings, too. I'm just not always sure how or when to share them. I don't want to come across as someone who is not nice or who is fishing for sympathy/comments/questions or  who is being a Negative Nancy. Hmm, perhaps best to keep some thoughts to myself...

Anyway, long story short, I'll be frequenting this area more again... when I can. I may do a little catching up on the last couple months...I've got more pics to share from our Thanksgiving in Yosemite, a getaway in Santa Barbara, our holiday adventures in Salt Lake City, a couple of Museum Love posts, a word for 2012, and much more.

A very happy new year to you. I hope this finds all happy and healthy and warm ♥