The Pint on Kickstarter

I seem to be in an impulse purchase mood lately...but at least it's for fun and useful stuff. Yesterday I spent $60 on fancy ribbon, for example. And the day before that, this Kickstarter campaign for a groovy drinking vessel caught my attention. The Pint is basically a stainless steel, insulated bottle that can open at both ends. The Pint looks to be the first product designed by Stable Goods, and I'm already a fan. If all their stuff is as cool looking, affordable, and functional as The Pint, we're in for a treat! My canteen/cup should arrive in February...I'll report back then! 

The Pint has already far surpassed its Kickstarter fundraising goal, but you have until November 19th to back the project and get your own bottle.

getting girly

Are you tired of the photogwife posts? Too bad, I like them. There's a few more archives to post and then I'll be posting brand new photo stories mixed in with the usual Sara mish-mash.  How's your weekend going? Mine's okay...feeling a little under the weather, and there's plenty of weather to feel under here in the Bay Area. It's been awfully wet out.  I needed a bright little pick me up yesterday after getting caught in a downpour in yoga pants and fleece, so I picked up some new nail polish...


...essie polish in 'splash of grenadine' and a new essie luxeffects topcoat in 'pure pearlfection.' Somedays you just need pink glitter, I guess ♥

California ♥

Last night I went to a mini installment of the Bazaar Bizarre at Nightlife at the California Academy of Sciences (every Thursday evening...if you ever want to go, let me know!).  After gazing at 3 kinds of cuttlefish in the aquarium, I bought this print from 3 Fish Studios


I've got some other California themed prints I think it will look great with...hmm...probably going to have to rearrange the artwork in the whole house to make it happen...I have a plan, we'll see what the Mr. says.

Anyway it was delightful to meet Eric and Annie from 3 Fish Studios.  I became a fan of the art of 3 Fish Studios from their beginning, and would from time to time pop over to their website to see what they're up to, or notice their work on some blog or another.  Truth be told I had forgotten about them lately...but it turns out I know someone who knows them! Love that. And I love my new print.  And I love California.