There was an estate sale on our street today. Estate sales always make me feel a little funny. You're walking through a home, seeing and feeling the stories that surround and connect all the objects. Actually, that part I love. It's like a museum exhibit or an old photo...but it's a snapshot of a whole life. The part that's weird is watching shoppers rifle through it all and haggle. Anyway, I bought an old hand-crank egg beater and a pretty tray, and I'll add my own stories to them.


miss scarlet

I have a tendency to announce "I hate all my clothes!" This is generally 75% true, as I've got favorite jeans or tank tops or what have you. The problem, besides having nothing to wear, is that I fall into a vicious cycle of hating my clothes, then going shopping, then hating my new clothes because I thought I needed to try "something different." Dressing room mirrors and indecisive brains can trick you. I've never been particularly stylish. Throw in a post-pregnancy body and there's all kinds of confusion. Yesterday I sorted out all my clothes to keep vs giveaway. I love the eyelet details and the slight girliness of this tunic dress from Old Navy, but frankly I look like a washed out zombie wearing it. Instead of giving it away I thought I would try dying it. This dye is easy to use since you just throw it in your washing machine (we dyed a couch cover this way, too). That doesn't mean you don't have to be careful...I do have a newly pink hand towel now. The color came out much brighter and pinker than I expected, so we'll see how long it lasts in my wardrobe. I'll most likely layer it with that a fashion faux pas? Because the tomboy in me prefers that look. Anyway, here's to experiments and working with what you've got.

getting girly

Are you tired of the photogwife posts? Too bad, I like them. There's a few more archives to post and then I'll be posting brand new photo stories mixed in with the usual Sara mish-mash.  How's your weekend going? Mine's okay...feeling a little under the weather, and there's plenty of weather to feel under here in the Bay Area. It's been awfully wet out.  I needed a bright little pick me up yesterday after getting caught in a downpour in yoga pants and fleece, so I picked up some new nail polish...


...essie polish in 'splash of grenadine' and a new essie luxeffects topcoat in 'pure pearlfection.' Somedays you just need pink glitter, I guess ♥

wordy manicure, revisited


A month ago I tried and failed at giving myself a wordy manicure...but last weekend I did it! (and you guys thought I never finished anything...) I used Essie Merino Cool polish this time around (a little dark maybe, but makes the print more subtle) and proper newsprint. I got some nice compliments on it at work.  Then climbing and dish washing took their toll. I'll keep this in mind for special occasions, but for now I'm just glad I did it successfully so I can cross it off my list!

wordy manicure


I tried doing this wordy manicure today. It's potentially awesome...but it's going to take me a few more tries to get it right. And to not spend all day on it. I've never been that good at using nail polish (that sounds ridiculous) so YOU might do an awesome job and I'd love to see it. The basic idea is that you paint your nails, use alcohol to transfer ink from paper to your nails, and paint a top coat over all.

Round One: FAIL

I used the Crater Lake National Park newsletter (hmm...not printed on actual newsprint, but has fun colors and words). Huge chunks of polish came off when I tried to peel the paper away. 

Round Two: 50% BETTER

I still had one hand ready to go, so I tried the back of a Safeway receipt coupon because the paper was thinnish and it had cool fluorescent pink ink.  It still came out kind of chunky with bits of paper, but I'll let it go for the rest of the day (but not care too much about wrecking my nails at the climbing gym later).

Yeah.  Sorry, no pics of my handiwork until I get it right...and I think I can...someday.  I think I needed real newspaper (remind me to pick up a free weekly), or a page out of and old dictionary (you know that thin tissuey paper?).  Maybe also some higher quality, newer nail polish. I suspect I did not let the polish dry long enough before applying the paper, and I can't decide if it was better to let the paper dry completely before taking it off, or re-wet it a little bit to ease it off.

Has anyone else tried this? So much for my Friday afternoon...

P.S. Hi! I've been enjoying visitors, music festivals, working, and watching Breaking Bad.  That's why I disappeared. It'll probably happen again...the disappearing ♥ Feel free to drop me a note and let me know you miss me, ha ha!

one ring


Whenever we're at my In-Law's house Scott finds his way into the workshop.  Over the holidays I followed him in there, and I'm finally showing off my project to you. I knew what I wanted to make...something I'd tried and failed at once before. I applied a little bit of Moorea

+ a little bit of Something's Hiding in Here

to a slice of dowel and a chunk of rock,


added a little bit of sticky stuff...


and fashioned myself a lovely piece of jewelry.


I had tried this task once before, but got over-zealous with a vice and cracked my ring right in half.  This time I had more of a plan and I refined my process to be more fun and efficient (tiny wood chisels...yay!) and was delighted with my success. 

Oh, but I also cracked this ring, just not until I was out of the house wearing it for the first time.


Several things led to this tragedy 1) my fingers change sizes all day [temperature+hydration?] and they're kind of strong from rock climbing every week 2) I don't work with wood often, and I'm sure I worked with the grain going the wrong way or something 3) I stupidly wore the ring to work...might have squished it on a door handle or knocked it on something.  

Oh well...I'm quite proud. The ring is still awesome, and still totally wearable...but I'm saving it for special dress-up occasions.


where wednesday [andrea]

Where Wednesdays are    a  regular feature where I and a series of guest bloggers talk  about    places that are  important to us, be they work spaces, outdoor  spaces,    sleeping spaces,  places we visit, places we live, places we  drink    coffee, etc. etc.

[do you want to talk about a place or space that's important  to you? let me know and I'll set you up with a Wednesday!]

[Where Wednesday this week features the stylish Andrea from Style Pie, a darling newish fashion and style blog you should definitely check out. Andrea always has a handful of creative and stylish projects up her sleeve. Oh, and she's my beautiful sister-in-law. Please welcome her to Sagebrush Coast!]

My Where Wednesday is a place I have always loved to play in, fill up, clean out, and put my morning creativity to the test: my closet. As a little girl, my basket of dress up clothes was a space I loved digging in for just the right combination of tulle and plastic high heels. The tulle may be long gone, but the thrill of finding just the right outfit for the day ahead fills my mornings.


My closet is a little place of refuge for me. I enjoy standing in front of my closet each morning seeing new possibilities in things I have worn a hundred times. Since I am a girl on a budget, finding those new possibilities makes it a little game testing my creativity with renewing the old. Some of my favorite items were found on sale or in a second-hand shop. Second-hand shops bring about the same feeling I get hunting through my closet, a place so full of possibility where I create the trend or style I want in that moment.


My favorite part of my closet is the jewelry collection hanging inside. I have always loved the look of solid colors and basic t-shirts paired with bold necklaces or large earrings. There is something about making a statement with jewelry that never gets old, pieces just waiting for that right occasion. Sometimes that occasion is buying groceries, but that’s what makes it fun!


I drool over the well-styled pages of Anthropologie and J. Crew when they arrive. I use those bursts of inspiration with my own closet by trying more prints, new textures, and bolder color combinations. My style is best described as bohemian chic. I am not afraid of a thousand layers as long as the fit is great and I look pulled together.


Thanks for having me! Maybe next time I will show you around my favorite street that also happens to have the best second-hand and vintage shops in Portland. xoxo, Andrea


Today I wanted to share a example of my need for instant gratification. I had a great idea for a bracelet yesterday...


It's hemp twine with a faux pearl bead.  The bead is strung on what I call a fish braid (these look really pretty in long hair too...), surrounded by some loose strands of hemp.  Looks cool, right? 

Hemp is kinda bulky and I struggled for a while with how to finish off the bracelet. I considered different knots, beads, wraps, elastic...I thought it would be best to go to the bead store and see what clasps they had that might work.  BUT I couldn't wait that long...


I wanted my bracelet NOW. I knew I wouldn't get to the bead shop for days, weeks even.  So what you see here is a tangled mess of knots, loops, and extra strands wrapped around, covered in a gluey mess.  The glue is the white goo you actually dries clear, but this was after I got out of the shower. Yeah. So this will stay on for a while, then on to something new...or maybe an improved version of the mess I made here.

I'll show you a cool piece of jewelry later this week that is distinctly NOT a mess. It's beautiful, even.  

Happy ♥ Day