one ring


Whenever we're at my In-Law's house Scott finds his way into the workshop.  Over the holidays I followed him in there, and I'm finally showing off my project to you. I knew what I wanted to make...something I'd tried and failed at once before. I applied a little bit of Moorea

+ a little bit of Something's Hiding in Here

to a slice of dowel and a chunk of rock,


added a little bit of sticky stuff...


and fashioned myself a lovely piece of jewelry.


I had tried this task once before, but got over-zealous with a vice and cracked my ring right in half.  This time I had more of a plan and I refined my process to be more fun and efficient (tiny wood chisels...yay!) and was delighted with my success. 

Oh, but I also cracked this ring, just not until I was out of the house wearing it for the first time.


Several things led to this tragedy 1) my fingers change sizes all day [temperature+hydration?] and they're kind of strong from rock climbing every week 2) I don't work with wood often, and I'm sure I worked with the grain going the wrong way or something 3) I stupidly wore the ring to work...might have squished it on a door handle or knocked it on something.  

Oh well...I'm quite proud. The ring is still awesome, and still totally wearable...but I'm saving it for special dress-up occasions.



Today I wanted to share a example of my need for instant gratification. I had a great idea for a bracelet yesterday...


It's hemp twine with a faux pearl bead.  The bead is strung on what I call a fish braid (these look really pretty in long hair too...), surrounded by some loose strands of hemp.  Looks cool, right? 

Hemp is kinda bulky and I struggled for a while with how to finish off the bracelet. I considered different knots, beads, wraps, elastic...I thought it would be best to go to the bead store and see what clasps they had that might work.  BUT I couldn't wait that long...


I wanted my bracelet NOW. I knew I wouldn't get to the bead shop for days, weeks even.  So what you see here is a tangled mess of knots, loops, and extra strands wrapped around, covered in a gluey mess.  The glue is the white goo you actually dries clear, but this was after I got out of the shower. Yeah. So this will stay on for a while, then on to something new...or maybe an improved version of the mess I made here.

I'll show you a cool piece of jewelry later this week that is distinctly NOT a mess. It's beautiful, even.  

Happy ♥ Day